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21 years of playing guitar; 16 years of performing; 11 years of songwriting; 6 years of producing; a continued lifetime of music.

Jake Gerl has been a guitarist and musician for over 20 years and has found that this calling is the one he has answered. From his beginnings in the local music scene of his hometown Roanoke, Virginia, to  becoming a part of the established sound in Beijing, China, his pursuit of musical endeavors knows no bounds.

Jake has vied for experiences within all styles of music and sound, leading him around the world and back again. He was a staple member of prominent bands in Beijing such as the award winning groups Stevie Mac and the Macdaddies and Violette and the Hunters (later known as The Hunters)  He also created his own projects with similar success including the video game instrumental group The Game Gurus and funk tribute projects such as the Funky Monks. He has also had the chance of performing in the backing band for China's top rap artists as well as playing high profile shows for various worldwide figures and organizations such as the Swedish Young Professionals business group, the British Ambassador to China, Visa and Mastercard, and more. Upon returning to the United States, Jake has had success with his own groups such as Oomami, and Safari Blue with fellow local musician Thaddeus Jackson.

One of his more recent accomplishments was the completion of the radio-play comedy called, "Help! My Baby's a Rat!" in which Jake was the sole audio producer for the entire project. This project involved over 15 voice actors recording roles for the 50 minute audio-based play. The premiere had over 150 people in attendance at Court Square Theater in Harrisonburg, VA, along with many listeners on Spotify and YouTube. Sound design is a love and passion of his and he seeks to continue working in this sphere of audio.


He graduated from James Madison University in December of 2022 majoring in the Music Industry program and Creative Writing. He's gained valuable knowledge and experience as an audio designer, producer, songwriter, music business associate, and continues to further his studies in music, jazz, and classical guitar.

Currently, Jake is running his own business as he works with clients and their needs in audio design, original music compositions and audio based productions, audio book recording and formatting, and more. He also continues to do freelance work with Richmond based audio production company, Stereo Couture.


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