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I offer all kinds of music, audio, and voice recording services. Below you'll find information about work-for-hire compositions and songwriting, mixing, editing and remixing, audio production, voice acting & narration, personal and private event services, as well as others. If you have a question, please e-mail and inquire!


Songwriting + Compositions

This can be for any kind of song or musical composition you or your label would like written.  Any style, genre, theme, or variety can be done, from Pop, Folk, or Funk, to Classical, Film Scoring, or Electronic-Ambient! Examples of these can be found on my music page.


Editing + Remixing

Whatever you may need for your Mp3s, you've come to the right place! I have remixed songs for various needs, such as Pole Sport competitors and their need for shortening, extending, or creating new versions of songs. I work in tandem with the client and get as much information about their audio desires so as to make the best mix possible! Find a few examples of this in the second to last music player on my music page (PSO Remixes).


Voice Acting + Narration

Need a company report or commercial script narrated? Have a particular character voice you haven't found yet? I have had over 5 years of voice narration, dictation, and acting experience for a variety of companies and purposes! Some examples include commercial content, mobile video games, radio plays & dramas, textbook materials, audio books, and more! Samples of this can be found in the last playlist on my music page.

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Guitar Performance

As an experienced performer for over 15 years, I have played a variety of performances including weddings, music festivals, gala events, memorial services, private parties, government functions, and many more. These services range from filling in as a member of an ensemble or group, as well as being a solo performer for an event. Modern music styles such as Rock and Pop, Funk, Folk, Classical Guitar, Latin/Bossa Nova, and Jazz are just some of the genres I have performed under. Head to the contact page to book a performance service of your choosing today!

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Music Services for Kids!

Need a musician for a classroom, child's party, or the like? Look no further! As a teacher with several years of experience teaching age groups from 2 - 10 years of age, I have used music as a positive teaching force for almost any subject. If you or a client you know are in need of original material for children's songs, children music festivals, performances, or even personal events, send an e-mail today!


  Personalized Music Services

If you need an original song written and produced or are in need of a unique performance for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, and the like, this is the service for you. No theme is too tough, no topic is too silly! Included in these services is the availability of lessons for guitar playing and music production. I have extensive knowledge in DAWs such as Logic Pro X and Pro Tools.

The J.G. Satisfaction Guarantee

Whatever needs you may have, I will ensure that they are  done to your level of satisfaction.  For any service chosen, there will be multiple edits and responses available based on your feedback.  I encourage all clients to be open and honest in their desires so that I can help their ideas and visions come to fruition.

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