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Current Projects

This page lists my current ongoing projects that I've either been hired to work on, volunteered for, or the status of my own personal endeavors. Please take a look and have a listen!

Video Game Sound Design Reel

This was an incredibly fun project I did to showcase my skill in audio re-design for two of my favorite video games. When I was younger, the time=traveling-inter-demensional masterpiece that is Chrono Trigger was my everything. Teleport many years later, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom became another favorite where a hero must battle the forces of evil to save those he loves most. Please enjoy my own interpretation of the sounds that could exist in these faraway lands!

San Juan Islands Documentary

Back in 2017, my dear friend Lincoln Humphry asked if I would use my guitar and score this short documentary he made. In the film, San Lopez island, of the San Juan islands, becomes a nationally recognized monument. I loved the energy and emotion of those involved, and I wanted the music to fit the mood. I'll be re-scoring this documentary soon, but I wanted to post it in its original form first. Enjoy!

Two Songs for Two Mediums

Here are a couple songs that I'd been working on lately for two different mediums. The first, "On My Way (To You)", is an instrumental track for an upcoming skateboarding video.

The other song is something I'm remastering, where I wrote a fake anime intro theme for an anime called "RAT WORLD" from my audio production, "Help! My Baby's a Rat!"


On My Way (To You)Jake Gerl
00:00 / 02:54
Rat World - Anime theme songJake Gerl
00:00 / 01:35
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